Taking Risks Isn’t Always Risky Business

2 Jun

Hello my lovely proFASHIONals! Usually on Thursdays I’ve been posting an “investment of the week”, but I was so excited about this topic that I HAD to write about it for today. Tom Cruise is famous for his character in the movie, Risky Business, but you don’t need to play his supporting role when it comes to your own goals. One of my high school history teachers always told my class to avoid making “sweeping generalizations”, but what I am about to reveal must go against his advice. Neither one company, nor one person, nor one idea has ever succeeded by playing it safe. Some of the greatest discoveries in science and technology have come out of mistakes. That being said, I’m double dog daring all of my proFASHIONals to take a risk today. And I’m not just talking about a fashion risk; I’m talking business risks too. However, taking risks still comes with strategies. Read on to see my suggestions on how to proFASHIONally take a risk with your wardrobe and your workplace.

Fashion Risk: Granny Chic

Can you pass me my walker and my stilettos?

Have I already completely lost you? Maybe. In that case, I’ll give you the low-down on this fashionably unfashionable trend: close your eyes and visualize your grandmother. Hopefully, you’re not picturing your grandmother naked because that would not only negate my entire explanation, but it’d also be absolutely disgusting. Anyway, granny chic offers you similar styling to what you’d find in your granny’s closet, but with an edge. For example,  your grandmother probably owns as many chunky, fringed sweaters as you own purses. I don’t condone stealing from your grandmother, but maybe she’d let you borrow one for a little while. “Granny” meets “chic” when you pair a chunky sweater with a simple dress and a high-waisted belt, like in this pictures from lulus.com. This RVCA granny sweater is bulky which would normally hide away any signs of a body underneath it, but the belt adds shape to the grandma look, making it “chic”. Neutral-colored floral prints can also be categorized under Granny Chic and can be seen on shoes and other accessories. Why does Granny Chic take a risk AND work for the office? In a world where shorts become shorter every day, granny chic style is as modest as it gets. I mean, would your grandmother wear cut-off jean shorts? No. I DARE you to take a risk and go granny today.

Business Risk: Take E-nitiative

How many people know who you are? Your mom, your friends, your favorite college professor. Now, how many of those people can offer you your dream job? Opportunities are often compared to doors, and sometimes doors may appear to be locked, but with a good kick, some may budge. Similarly, your dream job may not appear to be open when you want it, but you may be able to force one of those doors open by taking initiative. For instance, if there is a company you’ve always dreamed about working at, send them your resume regardless if their website says they’re hiring. Doing something without being told to do it shows self-motivation, self-determination, and genuine interest. Email connects you to anyone you want to communicate to, whether it be that dream company or celebrity. Just make sure to act proFASHIONally, check your spelling and grammar, and always be polite when taking e-nitiative. As long as your email is professional, it won’t hurt you. The worst scenario is that it’d be ignored. However, taking the time to show ambition is a learning experience and will always reveal a reward in given time.

Battle scars show where a person has been hurt, but they also show victory. Without a few bumps or bruises, the body is left untainted. Likewise, life without challenges may feel comfortable, but a life filled with mistakes and risks shows where you’ve been and where you’ve succeeded. Be risky with your fashion choices and be creative with your business endeavors. Act smart, act proFASHIONally, and always operate with optimism. This entire blog has been a risk for me, but I’m already loving it! My own risks will be exemplified soon as I start to prepare for a major blog post coming your way next week! I am interviewing a Project Runway WINNER! Tune in to see which gal it is 🙂 But for now…

Biz, Love & Fashion,

Danielle Honig


My Casual Friday

3 Jun


Cardigan: Nordstrom BP

Jeans: Levi’s Jean Leggings in Indigo

Shirt: Forever21

I paired this look with black wedge espadrilles from Banana republic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an exact picture of these shoes because they are from last year. This was the perfectly casual, yet comfy outfit for this blustery summer day. Now it’s your turn to share what you wore! But for now…

Biz, Love, & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

Have a Fashion or Business Question? Ask the Expert!

2 Jun

My blog is reaching new heights! Within the next few days, I am going to be interviewing GRETCHEN JONES, the WINNER of Project Runway Season 8. After that, I am also interviewing the up and coming designer, Yuna Yang. I have my own questions I’d like to ask her, but I’m sure many of you would also like to reach out to her. If you have a question you’d like me to ask Gretchen, please leave it in a comment on this blog post. Of course, I cannot ask her 5892747656 questions, so I will be choosing only the best ones. All of the questions will be credited back to their creators which means publicity for you too. Time is running out, though! Post away! But for now…

Biz, Love, & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

Nautical Fashion with Office Cape-ability

31 May

Good morning proFASHIONals! I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! As you may have read, I spent my weekend in Cape Cod. The sun hid behind the clouds all weekend so I can’t say I left Falmouth, MA with a tan, but I did leave the Cape with inspiration. I realized that the ocean is not just an object; it’s a lifestyle. Fashion and activity in Cape Cod revolve around the sea, and it was definitely visible to me even during this cloudy weekend. Nautical clothing is crisp, preppy, comfortable, and timeless; adjectives that translate flawlessly into the office. Read on to see my sea-sational suggestions on how to set sail into the workplace with Nautical fashion.

Anchors Away to Monochromatic Crispness

The white color for anyone.

I have these jeans!

Urban myth fashionistas hide away their whites after Labor Day and don’t show them again until Memorial Day. It seemed as if everyone in Cape Cod was sporting white this past Monday. White clothing usually makes me a little nervous since Murphy’s Law is in full effect when I eat. Anything that can drip onto my clothes, will drip onto my clothes. However, this all white look makes me want to be a fashion daredevil! White bootcut jeans like these by Ralph Lauren with a white button-up shirt looks clean, streamlined, and totally summer sailor chic. Another benefit of a white, monochromatic ensemble is the infinite number of accessory options. I recommend pairing a colored or brown leather braided belt and some fancy flip flops with a white outfit.  Two pieces of advice to consider for all-white outfit, though:

1. Make sure the whites are the same. Clashy does not equal classy.

2. Wear nude undergarments and tanks under white clothing. The light from the sun can expose your cute red undies, even if they looked completely disguised at home!

Crabby with Crustacean Jewelry

A little cuter than Mr.Krabs, don't you think?

Crabby is not an emotion you want to bring into the office, but crabs and sea creatures are excellent inspirations for accessorizing. Colorful animal jewelry is in style right now, and I am completely obsessed with this Rachel Roy crab ring. It’s very fun, very different, and should certainly crawl into your wardrobe! I’d pair it with really anything, but make sure to keep the other accessories simple. This ring should definitely clinch all of the attention it deserves.

These cute wedges will definitely float your boat.

Sperry Nice to Meet You!

One fashion staple of Cape Cod prepsters is a pair of Sperry Topsiders. I have a pair of these famously nautical footwear, and I can’t say enough about the boat shoes. They are extremely comfortable, durable, and look cute with practically any outfit. Depending on the atmosphere in your office, they may be a little too casual, but Sperry also offers an array of dressier shoe options. This pair of black Sperry wedges, for example, would look amazing with a black pencil skirt or khaki dress pants. The little rawhide laces mimic the boat shoes, bringing that nautical feel into your cubicle. This pair of polka dot Sperry wedges exemplify the nautical essence of simple pattern, parallel with the ever famous nautical stripes.

Nautical boat attire is cute and contemporary, but it is also relaxed. I guarantee you’ll feel calmer in the office by bringing ocean-inspired clothing into your wardrobe! But for now,

Biz, Love, & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

wish I Cod post but…

28 May

Good morning proFASHIONals! I am headed to Cape Cod this weekend so I will not be posting. Hopefully I get inspired by some fashion I see ‘down the Cape’ as we Massachusetts people say! Have an amazing and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Biz, Love, &. Fashion,


Investment of the Week: Polished and Perfect Tip Trends

26 May

Hello proFASHIONals! Although it may not seem like it here in New England, summer is definitely on its way. And with the hot, sunny days comes hot, new nail polish colors! However, if you’ve read the latest style magazines, you may have noticed that some of the trends are questionable for the office settings. This post will take that nail-biting anxiety off your shoulders and discuss how your tips can still look proFASHIONal in the office!

Can I have that in a sugar cone, please?

Ice cream tastes oh so sweet on summer nights, and your nails can look sweet too in sorbet colors. These colors are like pastels with a little kick in them. They’re opaque, they’re brighter, and they pop. For the most part, these colors are still suitable for your fingernails in the proFASHIONal world. I’d recommend using one of the coral sorbet colors. Recently, I sported Essie’s Tart Deco color (shown to the left) and received many compliments. Periwinkle, mint, and light pink are other sorbet hues you should set your sights on.

One summer nail trend that never seems to go out of style is the bright, vibrant polish. You may be thinking these aren’t appropriate for the office, and I’d agree a little bit. I do think they aren’t the best choice for your fingers, however, I think your toe nails should be a nail polish free-for-all! People in the office will be seeing your fingers all day, but you can cover up or show off your toes as much as you want. If you’re a little toe-shy, peep-toe shoes will give the public a small glimpse at your flirty nails. If you’re proud of your neon pink toes, show them off in a strappy pair of sandals!

Nail that perfect look!

Another trend in the magazines is nail art. However, some of the styles they suggest seem like they can only be created by Picasso. Do they think we have Barbie-sized hands? There’s no WAY I’m attempting most of those complex nail masterpieces! And I don’t have to, thanks to Sally Hansen Nail Strips. These strips are made of real nail polish. All you have to do is stick them on each nail and then file them down to fit perfectly. The strips come in all different colors and patterns. Some are a little more daring than others, like leopard print or butterflies, but other styles are office-worthy creations. A girl in my sorority had the lace-looking strips and they were amazing! They are slightly conservative, yet edgy, not to mention flawless. The best part is that they last ten days without chipping! This is my favorite benefit, in my opinion, since top coat never seems to get along with my nails, and actually ends up making my nails chip even more.

Fun nails are just another awesome way of expressing yourself and adding color to the sometimes bland workday. One look at your happy nails will bring you happiness too! But for now…

Biz, Love, & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

Monday Must-Have…Vlog-Style!

23 May

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Good morning proFASHIONals! Today’s Monday Must-Have is a little different…I made a video blog! Please watch and enjoy!

Supplies: eyelash curlers, volume/length mascara (Covergirl Lashblast Fusion recommended), volume mascara (Maybeline One-by-One), waterproof length mascara (Covergirl Lashblast Length), eyelash comb (optional)

1. Curler 2. Volume/Length, Volume, Length, eyelash comb

Remember to TWIRL AWAY from your face, rather than just painting mascara on your lashes

Use a waterproof mascara last to seal up your lashes and to prevent your makeup from smudging due to teary eyes.

Hopefully, I will find the time to make another video blog, or “vlog”, again soon! Let me know if you liked this! But for now…

Biz, Love, & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

“Tell Me About Yourself”: The Little Black Dress of Interviews

20 May

Good afternoon proFASHIONals! Today’s post is about the basic interview question, “tell me about yourself”. This question is like the little black dress of interviews; it never goes out of style and it always serves its purpose. The answer to this question may seem obvious, since who knows you better than yourself? However, strategy is everything, and the perfect answer to this question requires a strategic approach as well. Just like an LBD, the answer is meant to flatter you, but can sometimes not go in your favor. With the help of career services at my school, though, I have found out that the best answer involves three parts, which I will share with you below. Keep in mind that this answer is geared towards college or right-out-of college students, but the answers can be easily twisted to be used by all ages. Enjoy!

1. Who, What, Where

This is the easiest part of the answer. For the “who”, state your name. Hopefully, you have your name memorized by this stage of your life. For the “what”, state what year in school you are. If you’ve already graduated, say that you are an XYZ grad, and add the amount of years of experience you have had in your specific field. For the “where”, state your hometown as well as where you go to school, if you are still in school. My answer for this part would look like this—“My name is Danielle Honig, in the fall I will be a senior at the University of Connecticut, but I am originally from Haverhill, Massachusetts”.

2. A Passion

This is my own add-in, but I think it can be very effective. In this part, mention something that is not related to work. Also, don’t try to just say you like a specific thing to “look good”. The interviewer knows you don’t really have a passion for memorizing the numbers of Pi. Sure, saving the whales with your bare hands sounds good too, but the interviewer is not stupid. If you are sincerely passionate about a hobby, it will show in the interview. I believe showing true, happy emotion about a passion shows the interviewer that you are a dedicated, enthusiastic person; attributes that are most definitely wanted on the job. My go-to passion to use recently has been UConn basketball. I quickly mention that I am a huge UConn basketball fan, and light-heartedly boast about us winning the NCAA championships this year. I had a few interviews the week after we won, and I went on to mention that I couldn’t believe I had a voice because of all the screaming I had done. It added a little laughter to the interview, and showed that I was actually a real person outside of the business world.

But really….HUSKIES BABY! Ok I had to do it. I’m still so excited about the win!

3. Your Call to Action

In essence, this is the “objective” from your resume. The last part of the answer should include what position you’d like and/or the field you want to join. Since I am still a student, I say, “I am looking for a position in the marketing or PR field”. So easy, but also so necessary. You want to wrap up the question relating back to the reason why you even came to the interview…to get a job!

Of course, there isn’t one, single style of an LBD. There also isn;t one, single way to answer the question. This is only my strategy. However you answer the question, strategy should be involved as well. If you have another way of answering, “tell me about yourself”, please share it! A proFASHIONal should always be seeking advice from other proFASHIONals! But for now…

Biz, Love, & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

Investment of the Week: A Pandora Radio Account

19 May

Good morning proFASHIONals! This week’s investment is great because it never goes out of style, and it’s FREE!

If you are allowed to listen to music at work or if you want to listen while you read at home, I’d highly suggest getting a Pandora Radio account. I said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s FREE. There is no down-side to signing up. If you end up not liking it, no need for returns. However, there really is no way to not like it, since it is completely customizable.

It's almost like you requested each song! Oh wait...you did.

If you set up an account (which takes literally 2 minutes), you’ll be able to save your playlists. Yes, like iTunes, you can create playlists or “stations” as Pandora calls them. To set up a station, you simply type in an artist or song that you like. Then, Pandora sets up a station, titled whatever you just typed in and creates a playlist based on the song or artist you submitted. On the left I have highlighted the station I am listening to right now. A great aspect of these stations is that not only do they play songs by the artist you suggest, but they also play songs that are similar artists. This has opened my music horizons greatly, and I now listen to other artists I did not know about before.

As I’ve displayed on the right, you also have the option to “add variety” to each playlist. This is a great tool if you want to listen to two artists that are not similar and would not normally be put in one, single station. When you click “add variety”, you simply type in another band or song that you like and Pandora adds that entire station to the station you already created.

I'll take that, and that,...but NOT that.

My favorite aspect of Pandora Radio is the “like/dislike” options. These tools are self explanatory, but can really make a difference in your playlists. Usually, I use my Pandora as background music while I’m writing an essay or reading an article for school. I’m just that kind of person who can’t stand silence. To compromise the silence while doing work, I like to listen to music that doesn’t have words. However, sometimes some songs come up in the playlist that have words in them. This is where the Pandora like/dislike option comes in. If a song comes up with words in it, I simply click the “dislike” button, highlighted in red, banning the song forever from that station. Similarly, if I really like a song, I can “like” it, highlighted in yellow, and Pandora will make sure it appears in the station again.

I just mentioned that I like to work with wordless music, and I’m sure a lot of you are the same way. My two favorite wordless Pandora stations are Danny Elfman/John Williams Radio and Ratatat Radio. Like the music in Harry Potter or Titanic? John Williams is your guy. These are just two of the movies that feature his film scores. Danny Elfman scores most of Tim Burton’s films, including Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Pirates of the Caribbean. His music is a little quirkier, but I still enjoy it very much. I have combined both of these artists to make a perfectly orchestrated station.

Another station I love is Ratatat Radio. Never heard of them, you say? If you’ve heard to popular song “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi, then you actually have heard of Ratatat, because they created the music for the song. Their solo songs are fun, different, and very modern. Ratatat is a great addition to anyone’s Pandora that loves original music with an electric twist. I recommend music by any of these artists to find your interview zen as well! Check out Pandora Radio, at http://www.pandora.com today.

If you have any of your own workplace music suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment! But for now…

Biz, Love, & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

Want to show off your proFASHIONalism?

19 May

Good evening proFASHIONals! I have had an idea pertaining to my blog for a while now, and I think the best way to execute it is through Suit to Impress. Anyway, I think it’d be really interesting to interview female CEOs and other high-powered female executives. I want to not only ask them business questions, but questions about their journeys, passions, and opinions about the female in the business world. I hope to show other proFASHIONals that these women are normal, everyday people too. Getting that “dream” job isn’t actually a dream; the business woman should have NO fear of being ambitious.

I can’t say that I have accomplished every goal I’ve had for myself. Heck, I don’t even know what all of my life goals are. I’m twenty years old! However, I did learn at an early age that you can do anything with the right amount of perseverance and ambition. Through Suit to Impress, and with help from local female professionals, I hope to bring this confidence to others to believe in their business endeavors.

If anyone is interested in being interviewed, please send all inquiries and emails to Danielle.F.Honig@gmail.com. Of course, I am very open to publicity, marketing, and other incentives. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! But for now…

Biz, Love & Fashion,

Danielle Honig

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